Meridian Medical Arts Charter High School (MMACHS) was established in the fall of 2003 as a public charter school that operates independently within the existing local school district. While providing students with immediately applicable, practical skills, our comprehensive, health science-centered curriculum also equips students with the tools they need to succeed as they progress to the post-secondary level. Our concurrent credit courses and certifications in CNA, EMT, and Health Information provide our students a springboard into their Pre-Med, Nursing, Paramedics, and Medical Assisting degrees. We strive to produce compassionate medical professionals with relevant, real-world experience who are ready to serve both our local and global communities.

In addition to the State of Idaho’s graduation requirements, students at MMACHS are required to complete the following: four years of math, four years of science, one semester of certification classes (EMT, CNA, or Medical Office), one semester of a medical internship, two years of Spanish, two years of Health & Wellness, 2 years of Health Occupations, three years of Technology, one year of Psychology and Medical Law & Ethics.

Students are also required to participate in our community service projects:


State of Idaho’s Minimum Graduation Requirements MMACHS Minimum Graduation Requirements
Electives 17 5
Total Credits Required 46 65
Language Arts 8 8
Speech 1 1
upon completion of
all other requirements
Mathematics 6 8
Science 6 8
Social Studies 5
2 = U.S. History
2 = U.S. Gov’t
1 = Econ
2 = U.S. History
2 = U.S. Gov’t, 1 = Econ
1 = Medical Law & Ethics
Humanities 2
Interdisciplinary, Fine Arts
Two Years of Spanish
or Foreign Language
Two Years of Spanish
Health 1 6
2 = Health Occupations
2 = Health Prof/Sports Meds
2 = Health Applications
Physical Fitness 0 4
Health & Wellness
Psychology 0 2
Freshmen Cornerstone/Global Perspectives 0 2
Computer Technology 0 4
2 = Tech. Life & Careers
2 = Business Computer Applications


Internship Classes

0 6 Credits
(pick two of the following)
*Emergency Medical Tech
*Certified Nursing Assistant*Senior Internship
*Medical Office Procedures
Advanced Opportunities Districts must offer at least
one advanced opportunity
such as: Dual Enrollment,
Advanced Placement, or
Tech Prep
MMACHS Offers 16 semester courses for concurrent credit & Tech Prep credit for a total of 60 college credits
Senior Project Required Required
College Entrance Exam Students must take either
by the end of 11th grade
10th graders take PSAT
test, 11th graders take
PSAT, SAT (State funded), or ACT
ISAT Pass the ISAT with a score
of proficient or advanced in
Reading, Math, Language
Usage, & Science
Pass the ISAT with a score
of proficient or advanced in
Reading, Math, Language
Usage, & Science
 Middle School Must Take Pre-Algebra
before entering 9th grade
Must Pass Math 8
before entering 9th grade HS Math 1