Alan Melby


Alan Melby  Welcome to MMACHS and my math classes.  This is my 36th year of teaching.  I have gotten old enough that I now like to be creative with what I do with my GI-Joe dolls.

I teach Integrated Algebra/Geometry, Algebra 2, Concurrent Credit Statistics, and Concurrent Credit Calculus.

My two concurrent credit classes allow students to get college credit from Boise State University.  If you are new to concurrent credit, you may want to watch this informational video from Boise State University.

I use extensively in Calculus and Statistics.  I will also use it in Algebra 2 and Integrated Algebra/Geometry, but not as much.  I will be using PowerSchool for my grades.  Please do not be afraid to contact me at any time if you have any concerns.

Here are my course descriptions

Integrated Alg-Geometry Course Description

Honors Algebra 2 class expectations

 Applied Statistics BSU Course Description

 Survey of Calculus BSU Course Description