Amanda Micheletty

Amanda Micheletty

Sophomore Honors English, Junior Honors English, and Freshman Cornerstone

Both Sophomore and Junior English classes require that students analyze and synthesize a variety of texts and concepts. Throughout the course of each year, students engage critically with various pieces of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Each unit covered in class works to answer essential questions that bring the language arts into the context of the health sciences.

Each course is also dedicated to fostering skills that enable students to become effective writers. Students will write meaningful, cohesive essays in alignment with Common Core State Standards.

Freshman Cornerstone is designed to equip Freshman with the skills they need to have a successful experience in high school. Some of these skills include organization, responsibility, note-taking, critical reading, and establishing effective study habits.

To access the syllabus for each class, click on the following links:

Sophomore Honors English Syllabus

Junior Honors English Syllabus

Freshman Cornerstone Syllabus

To access assignments and class calendars, click on the following link to Edmodo.

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