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Biology 10- This class will focus on helping students gain a beginning knowledge and appreciation for the world around them. We will focus on several aspects of life science including; the nature of science, cell biology, genetics, and evolution. This class will offer opportunities for students increase their scientific knowledge, skill, and and make students aware of the opportunities in science and technology and their importance in our society

Honors Biology- Honors biology consists of two dual credit courses offered through Idaho State University; Biology I (Biol 1101) and Biology II (Biol 1102). Biology I is offered in the fall semester and addresses major concepts in biology with an emphasis on the acquisition of new knowledge, cell structure and function, principles of inheritance, and evolution. This course is for students majoring in the biological sciences.  Biology II is offered in the spring semester and addresses major concepts in biology with an emphasis on the development of diversity, plant and animal structure and function, ecology, and behavior. This course is also for students majoring in the biological sciences.

Anatomy and Physiology- Anat & Phys is a dual credit course offered through Idaho State University (PE 2243). Anat & Phys focuses on the study of the human body structure including the neuromuscular, skeletal, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, endocrine, reproductive organ systems. Course is designed for health and physical education candidates. 

Additional course information, syllabi, assignments, and due dates can be accessed on Please contact Mrs Marques for login information and course access codes.

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