Suzie Stancil-Technology Instructor

Fall 2014 Schedule:
Period 1-Prep
Period 2-Technology, Life and Careers
Period 3-Computer Applications
Period 4-Pharmacy Technology/Health Technology
Period 5-Computer Applications
Period 6-Computer Applications
Period 7-Technology, Life and Career
Period 8-Technology, Life and Careers

Syllabus & Guidelines:
Computer Applications-Computer Applications Syllabus
Pharmacy Technology-MMACHS-Syllabus for Pharm Tech(Pass Assured)[1]
Technology-2014 Syllabus & Computer Expectations

Edmodo ( is used for class assignments.  Class codes:

  • Period 2     zmmcej
  • Period 3     djm2t9
  • Period 5     egveaz
  • Period 6     8jtbei
  • Period 7     zfkveh
  • Period 8     35xux6