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Alumni Spotlight: Tanna Dizdarevic (Krumm)

By: MMACHS Staff

Tanna Dizdarevic (Krumm), Class of 2018

This week's Alumni Spotlight catches up with Tanna Dizdarevic (Krumm), a 2018 graduate whose nursing plans changed after a rotation in the NICU.

Hi Tanna! So tell us what your education looked like after you left MMACHS

After MMACHS I went to the College of Southern Idaho, in Twin Falls. There I got my associates in health science as well as a certificate in central sterilization and processing (that was an accident but a bonus)! Then applied to the ADN nursing program, and completed that and graduated as an RN. During that, I was also going to Boise State University online to complete the RN-BSN bridge program since you are able to start during your associates to make it faster. After passing the NCLEX, I am finishing up my BSN courses online and graduating in May.

Where did that lead you in your professional life?

During college I worked as a CNA part-time just to have a little extra money but once I graduated and passed my NCLEX I got a job at St. Lukes in Twin Falls working in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). I work full-time on Night Shift and absolutely love my job. I originally planned on going into the ER and had my heart set on it but had one clinical in the NICU and knew that’s where I’m supposed to be. From there I was set on finding my path to get me there and applied for the position with the mindset of "the worst they'll say is no", and hired me! The NICU has a special place in my heart. From caring for preterm and sick neonates, being able to participate in high-risk deliveries, and helping parents hold their first newborns. I love every moment of it!

What have you been up outside of work?

I got married between school years, and we just bought our first house. I am able to clump my shifts together so we can travel, camp, hike, adventure and do what we feel like doing! This year I also joined a recreational basketball team full of nurses, and we play once a week!

What are some of your memories from your time at MMACHS?

MMACHS was a huge stepping stone to where I am today and I always think about it. One of my coworkers actually graduated from MMACHS as well in an earlier class and we’ve connected as coworkers and are now friends. I think a lot of the story’s from Currie and Staub. But all the teachers really left a positive impact on me I’d give all the teachers a shout-out if I could. But I do really really really miss mama Staub!!

A huge thank you to Tanna for catching us up on her post-MMACHS journey. Come back next week for another edition of Alumni Spotlight!


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