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Student Spotlight: Alex Magari

By: Lily Criswell and Tracy Truong

Alex ('26) - MMACHS freshman and accomplished dancer

“Dance is an art form consisting of sequences of body movements with aesthetic and often symbolic value, either improvised or purposefully selected.”

Alex Magari has participated in this art form ever since she was little. “There are videos of when I was four-years-old dancing in my living room. My mom realized I could dance and put me in a class. I ended up loving it.”

Today, Alex participates in 4 different types of dances; each variation is called a genre. These genres include military, hip-hop, kick, and lyrical.

“Military is what you see in varsity teams – it's a lot of sharp movements and tricks, like headstands. Hip hop is just dancing to hip hop music. Kick is similar to the performances done by the Rockettes – girls in a line doing certain kicks. Lastly, lyrical dancing is very emotional as it’s similar to ballet.”

Alex further explained that the genres she participates in depends since, “ have to try out for each genre every year.”

What Alex enjoys most about dancing is the close relationships that she is able to build.

“I've met my closest friends through dancing and I still keep in contact with all my friends from when I was 7-years-old.”

Alex showing off one of her dance competition trophies.

Dancing has taught her to put forward her best self when forming relationships. Mr. Marion, MMACHS’s health science teacher, stated that Alex is a “...very upbeat, positive person who always gives her best and is extremely athletic.”

Dancing has provided a positive outlet for Alex, not only because it’s an enjoyable way of exercising but also because it gives her an escape from school.

“Dancing in general is a good exercise because it involves mobility, flexibility, and strength. As a teenager, I need something to do that's not school related, so it’s nice to dance,” explained Alex.

There are many challenges that come with dancing.

“Time management is definitely a challenge. It’s also kind of [challenging] when you see someone who has been on the team longer than you so they have a lot more experience. I also get so frustrated that I’m not getting this or that.”

Through those challenges, she has learned a few lessons.

“I tell myself that I'm still a freshman and I'll grow and get as good as others. I have learned to be really patient with myself.”

Alex now understands the importance of patience and staying within her limits. With that, she has advice for those who dance and/or want to dance.

“Be open minded. Sometimes you think ‘I'm not doing it right’ but just be patient and don't push yourself too much because it's definitely not worth the stress.”

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