In their senior year at the Meridian Medical Arts Charter High School (MMACHS), students will have the opportunity to intern at a community office or affiliated facility in order to gain a variety of educational experiences in a health care related field.  An internship is a semester long or roughly 16 weeks during which students are required to complete approximately 120 hours.  Students are there for 4 hour blocks every other day.  Students have interned in a variety of locations such as family clinics, dental offices, pharmacies, veterinarian clinics, retirement centers, and various hospitals.


  1. To provide individuals with valuable health care related experiences.
  2. To provide a deeper exploration of a specific health care career.
  3. To give students the opportunity to make practical application of their course work.
  4. Assist students as they assess and evaluate their health care career choice.
  5. Develop good work habits and work ethics.
  6. Develop good communication, team, and service skills.
  7. Develop professionalism and a positive attitude.


The vision of the Meridian Medical Arts Charter High School is to foster academic excellence by providing a health science education of the highest caliber using a three-fold approach: academic, technical and ethical.  MMACHS provides students with an innovative broad-based curriculum that integrates the health sciences through the practical application of scientific skills and academic knowledge beyond the classroom.  Students also develop an understanding of relevant ethical issues encountered in the health science professions.



Each internship site is visited by the Internship Coordinator a minimum of 2 times per semester.  This is an opportunity for the Coordinator to speak with the site supervisor and observe the student’s activities and responsibilities at the site.   Each semester students are evaluated in a variety of areas by their site supervisor.  The Internship Coordinator will also check in with site supervisors by phone or email.

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