Joni Barry – CNA

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Activities of Daily Living

The Certified Nursing Assistant course is a semester long class for seniors. This is a very active and hands on class encouraging communication skills and establishing relationships. Students spend time in the classroom learning skills and procedures they will use in taking care of patients. We strive to  keep our equipment here at school updated so students are using the same types of equipment out in the working field. Students will spend a total of 40 clinical hours in acute care, urgent care, assisted living and memory care facilities in our community. At the completion of the semester students are prepared to take the state certification exam. This includes a written and a skills test. Upon passing the state exam, students are then placed on the State of Idaho Registry. This is where employers look to hire from. They know these applicants are very qualified and well trained. Our students are highly sought after for hire! I receive inquiries many times during the school year from facilities wanting to employ our students. This class teaches life long skills for all students and gives an idea what a career  in the health care field might look like, by caring for those who are sick and in need.

CNA Syllabus 2020-2021