Margo Hollingsworth — Mathematics

High School Math 1, Pre-Calculus, Statistics, Pharmacy Technician

I love teaching at MMACHS!  The staff, students, and parents make this a wonderful school.  This year I’ll be advising National Honor Society and helping to maintain our Schoology learning platform, in addition to my regular teaching duties.

I teach Math 1, Pre-Calculus, and Statistics.   I use Schoology to post course syllabi, resources, and assignments.  Grade information can be found on PowerSchool.

Syllabus Information

Each year I find that students who focus on learning end up with a grade they are happy with. Students who focus on getting a certain grade struggle to do so, because their mindset is focused on the goal rather than the steps that lead to the goal.

My educational philosophy:

  • Learning should always be the focus, not the grade
  • Learning is more meaningful when we are active participants
  • It’s okay to struggle to learn something
  • Things that we relate to other areas in life are recalled more easily
  • Everyone has room for improvement
  • Everyone can learn from seeing how other people solve problems
  • Explaining how you did a problem solidifies your own understanding
  • Determination and perseverance are essential to success
  • The formal study of mathematics teaches reasoning skills