Nate Green – Language Arts and Journalism

Mr. Nathan Green


12th Grade English 1101

10th Grade Honors American Literature

Digital Photography and Design/Yearbook

Dear MMACHS students and parents:

My goal is to empower students to become creative, critical scholars who will succeed in high school and beyond. This class will provide them with the knowledge and tools they need to become more sophisticated readers, writers, and thinkers.

Reading: We will read contemporary and classic stories, learning to examine literature within a historical context. I hope my students will realize the timeless beauty and wisdom in literature, while also seeing how it reflects a particular time and place. Moreover, we will continually relate the themes of literature to our own lives, seeking deeper relevance.

Writing: We will become more confident and effective communicators, approaching writing as a process. We will compose purposeful essays that reflect on the meaning of personal experiences, analyze themes in literature, present credible research on an intriguing topic, and persuade an audience to take a side in a controversy. Students will learn to examine “mentor texts,” exemplary writing samples that will show them how to succeed in their own writing; I will also act as a model for good writing, demonstrating how I overcome particular writing challenges. We will also build our vocabulary and grammar abilities.

Thinking: Ultimately, the reading and writing opportunities in this class will inspire us to become more agile thinkers. Students will analyze issues from various viewpoints, develop their logical arguments with evidence, and engage in productive debates.


Nate Green

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