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Psychology, U.S. History, Cornerstone,Global Perspectives,


Intro to Psychology PSYC 1550: This is a survey course designed to introduce learners to the science of studying human behavior. Beginning with the history of Psychology as a discipline, the course is an exploration
of Psychology’s subfields including: Neuroscience, Reasoning, Cognition, Social Psychology, Development, Disorders, and Personality. This 3 credit college course is a one semester long at NNU. Because of the complexity of its content, MMACHS has allotted 2 semesters to complete the material.

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Honors U.S. History:  Students will study the course of American life through the 20th and early 21st By the course’s end each student will have an understanding of the story of the United States and the events and issues that influence the nation we are living in today.  Attention is given to key events both foreign and domestic as well as milestones in medicine.

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Freshman Cornerstone/Global Perspectives:

Cornerstone/Global will act as two classes in one.  The first class, Freshman Cornerstone, will help the incoming class of 2024 practice the skills necessary to be a successful MMACHS student.  These include but are not limited to note taking, public speaking, organization, studying, and research.  Students will be evaluated on their progress in these skill areas.

The second class, Global Perspectives, will introduce students to different cultures from around the world and the current issues that individuals in those cultures face.  These issues could be grounded in politics, economics, or religious belief.  By the end of the year students should be able to confidently discuss international current events as they unfold.  The class will typically focus on one region of the world at a time, but will shift its focus when major current events call for it.

The year will start with a major focus on Freshman Cornerstone. Once students have demonstrated a firm grasp on the academic skills emphasized in Cornerstone, we will begin incorporating more aspects of the Global Perspectives curriculum into the class.

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Schoology is used to digitally connect students to the classroom.   Schoology is a secure social learning network for teachers, students, and parents.  It provides a safe and easy way for us to connect, share content and access homework, grades and school notices.

Schoology also offers parent accounts and I invite you to join our classroom online.

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Idaho Core Standards

The Idaho Core Standards are being applied to public education at a statewide level.  I am excited for the influence they will have on the performance of our students, as I am already seeing dynamic changes in student performance in my own classroom.  There is so much information available and even more opinions to wade through, that it can be difficult to know just what the Common Core Standards are and how they will be effecting your student.  Click the links below to see them for yourself.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding their implementation in Room 12.

These are the Literacy Standards for Social Studies.

These are the Anchor Standards (general objectives for college readiness).

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