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MMACHS Sweeps the Board at SLC

by Will Kinnaman

MMACHS does not have any sports teams, but we do have the HOSA competition for future health professionals. At HOSA, we get to show our school spirit and put all our hard work and training in the medical field on display. This is the place where MMACHS thrives. This year was no exception.

We won 26 gold medals (including teams), 22 silver medals, and 23 bronze medals. We also had 118 people compete at SLC this year and we competed in 40 of the 42 events that are available at state. Of those 118 people 54% of them qualified for ILC.

One student in particular was outstanding at representing MMACHS at HOSA state. Sophomore Collette Hanson was able to get first place in 2 events this year. She got first with her biomedical debate team and she also got first in epidemiology. Collette said, “It was really cool to be the only person to get gold in two different events.”

Another student that was able to accomplish great things through HOSA was senior Quentin Cook who took first place all 4 years of high school in dental terminology. Quentin stated, “It feels good to accomplish the goal that I set out for myself.”

When Quentin won his fourth and final gold medal at MMACHS this year he celebrated by acting like he had a broom and was sweeping the stage.

“Jake [Lesher] and Kairan [Ha] gave me the idea for the broom which indicated sweeping and winning all four years,” he said.

But none of all these outstanding performances would be possible without Mrs. Carie Staub. She is our state HOSA advisor, and she holds a spot at Nationals on the directors of competitive events committee. Mrs. Staub has made it her mission to improve healthcare and produce healthcare providers through HOSA.

But she never gets tired of putting in the hours upon hours of work to make it all possible. She said, “Every year the students make it different.”

HOSA is a great opportunity for students of MMACHS to grow and learn about healthcare and show their love and support for their school.


Ms. Hurd Looks Forward to Her Next Chapter

By Alexis Patterson

After teaching English and art for 25 years, Ms. Sharon Hurd will be packing up room 2 for the final time and beginning the next chapter of her life.

During retirement, Ms. Hurd has some exciting plans awaiting her, and it is time for her to pursue the things she has always wanted to do.

Ms. Hurd will finish up her young adults’ novel based on a young girl who wants to be a painter. “”

She is also excited to go fishing more and follow more of her love of art and painting. In addition, she will be spending time with her family, and her dog, Rosie.

Throughout her time teaching at MMACHS, she has accomplished a lot and made many close relationships. This is especially bittersweet for Mr. Pete Kinnaman, who has become a close friend of Ms. Hurd. “We have worked together more than 12 years.  She has known my kids since they were small. We have shared many memories and meals together…. now that she has WAY more time on her hands, I plan on her feeding me even more,” he said.

While in the classroom she means business, outside everyone gets to see her caring personality.

“Ms. Hurd is thoughtful.  Everything in her life and everything about her is intentional.  Her purpose is clear. Her intentions are noble. Her words are honest. Also, she is tough, smart, and independent — she is the kind of woman I hope my daughter, Abby, grows up to be,” Mr. Kinnaman said.


She has loved being a teacher and everything that it taught her. “I liked creating lessons and seeing the before and after of students after the school year,” she said.

While she will miss MMACHS she will not miss grading papers after papers “I like the students, although grading is my enemy,” she said.

She is also not afraid to dish out some tough love. Mr. Kinnaman explained the time Ms. Hurd made him cry. “I had the Swine-flu, yet came to work anyway.  She got on my case and ripped me a new one, ‘you’re gonna get everyone else sick! You shouldn’t be here! Go home, Pete!!!’.”

Although MMACHS is sad, we are hopeful to see her go on and chase her dreams beyond teaching. Good luck Ms. Hurd, and we hope to see you accomplish great things.


Love for Teaching

By Alexis Patterson

Welcome to MMACHS Mrs. McClure!

Growing up, Christa McClure never pictured herself as a teacher and always thought she would write and illustrate books. Although, now she is very passionate towards teaching and impacting the lives of others and she has fun while doing it.

“As a teacher, I get the opportunity to interact with so many different people. I like being able to be part of the process of setting goals and working hard to achieve those goals! It is extremely rewarding to help people succeed and to watch their confidence grow as they learn,” she explained.

From a young age, Mrs. McClure has developed a love towards school, reading, and art. To further her knowledge, she earned a degree in art.

Mrs. McClure is proudest of how much time and energy she has invested towards her education.

“I am most proud of my education. It wasn’t just high school or college; I continue to seek additional programs to diversify and expand job opportunities,” she said.

Starting a new school can be daunting, but when you are as optimistic as Christa McClure it can be a fresh new start. After teaching for 14 years, Mrs. McClure is ready for a change, and to take over the 9th and 11th grade English and Art classes at MMACHS.

Mrs. McClure grew up in the small town of Wenatchee, Washington until she was 16, and then her family moved to North Dakota for her father’s work. She is the middle child and has a younger brother and older sister.

She loves spending time with her husband, Brian, and her two cats, Henry and Ava. She also loves to go shopping and garden.

Mrs. McClure’s best friend, Mrs. Rutan, explained what she admires most about Mrs. McClure, “Christa loves anything that remotely is over the top ridiculous. For example, anything with unicorns, cats, hearts, etc.  She will use these unicorns and cats in her classrooms and they are everywhere.  If she could wear a cat sweater just in front of her students…she probably would.  She also has a very interesting voice she uses at times.  Mrs. McClure is just plain AWESOME and MMACHS is the luckiest school to get her!”

Overcoming Her Toughest Struggle

By Kasie Gaythwaite

In 2016, Mrs. Becky Smith was diagnosed with cancer, which she battled from February to April. Due to daily chemo treatments, she was unable to work at MMACHS. Coming into school was something she enjoyed and looked forward to.

“It doesn’t feel like work. It just something I come and do. And I’m excited to come to school every day,” she stated.

Not being able to do something that made her happy and excited was hard for her. Yet, through that rough time the school came through. Mrs. Stefanie Hofstetter set up a meal plan with all of Mrs. Smith’s favorite foods for three months. All the students sent her cards and flowers, communicated with phone calls and texts, and kept her in the loop of things and made feel included.

“They took care of me physically and emotionally just like any of my family members did,” she explained.

That was until the next school year rolled around. She lost lots of her hair due to chemo and had to wear a wig. She had been wearing the wig for the entire summer, but the wig was light blonde and straight, far from her natural hair.

As the year continued, her hair began to grow to the point where wearing the wig was no longer possible. Her natural hair, which was still growing back, was about one inch long and dark, and the day finally came when it was time to get rid of the wig and show up with the hair on her head.

However, it was easier said than done. As she hopped out of her car and headed towards the entrance of the school, she couldn’t help but stop dead in her tracks. As she was standing there, she was thinking to herself,  “Oh I gotta do this, I gotta do this,” but she couldn’t talk herself into it. That was until she was seen struggling by a friend, Mrs. Carie Staub.

Mrs. Smith told Staub, “I’m really nervous about this,” but was given a response that would help her take a leap back into a life that she used to living: “It’s going to be okay.”

Mrs. Smith stated, “It sounds like a small thing but at the time…it was a big thing.”

Staub said, “When we allow people into our lives they give them the gift of becoming stronger themselves…as much as she might say that I helped her, she also helped me, because it’s a good reminder of who I want to be and how I need to make decisions to get to who I want to be.”

In the 14 years that she has been here, she has made many close relationships. Some of her closest relationships are Mrs. Hofstetter and Mrs. Staub. But the school overall, both students and faculty, helped her through one of the toughest times in her life.  

“My experience with cancer has changed me in different ways and has really made me a better person.  Cancer showed me life can change when you least expect it, and no one is exempt from the effects of cancer.  I seek to be a happier person now, and I thank God for each day. I whistle, hum, and sing to keep my attitude where it needs to be.  I don’t spend much time being upset, because life can be short, and I don’t have time for that,” she said.

Mrs. Smith overcame her toughest struggle in her life with the help of students and staff, and as her husband described,  “ It made her the selfless, hospitable, and adventurous person I know and love.”

Getting to Know the Man Behind the Mop

By Kasie Gaythwaite

Many of you may not know his name or what he does. But, the school doesn’t just magically appear to be spic and span. Chase Twitchell makes it to where you can come to school where it is clean, organized, and a workable environment.

However, there’s more to Twitchell than many of you may not know. Chase worked in many other places before becoming a custodian at MMACHS. Most recently, he was a volunteer firefighter for eight months, but before that he worked at an animal sanctuary in Sparks, Nevada as well.

His main interest is doing things outdoors and traveling the world. Over this Christmas break, Chase went to Mexico to see his father. While you may think he would speak Spanish if he went to a Spanish-speaking country, he actually speaks a handful of 8 different languages!

In college, he studied ASL and he stated, “It is a different way of learning a language. It’s more visual and less auditory.”

He gained an interest in ASL due to his mom. When he was younger his mom was a teacher and specialized in deaf theatre and he managed to pick it up little by little.

His main hobbies include hiking, mountain biking, camping, or anything that has to do with the outdoors. He plans to take a big backpacking trip through the Olympic Peninsula this summer. He explained, “While the nature here is pretty the nature just 200 miles north is completely different! Get outside and enjoy the world!”

However, there is a bigger mystery to him that many of us do not know the answer: What does he listen to on his headphones? The truth is he doesn’t only listen to one thing. He listens to both audiobooks and music but when he was asked what his favorite for both was he said, “That is an unfair question, I can’t choose. I like them all.”

While starting work at a new job was difficult, Chase tried to go into it with an open mind and led him to be shocked. He said, “When I first got here I was a little shell shocked because MMACHS is such a small school and I was overwhelmed.”

But as the year inches toward the end, he was pleasantly surprised with all the students and staff. “While I haven’t been here long I have become thoroughly impressed with the kids here and the faculty. I do enjoy working here. While this isn’t the best job, the kids are super respectful and the faculty as well,” he said.