Providing an innovative broad-based curriculum that integrates the health
science curriculum.


Utilizing a practical application of scientific skills and academic knowledge beyond the classroom.


Fostering an understanding of relevant ethical issues encountered in the health science professions.
Current School Report Card

General School Characteristics:

Med SchoolMMACHS is a free four-year public charter high school operating independently within the Joint School District No. 2. MMACHS is fully accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission, https://www.advanc-ed.org. While providing students with immediately applicable, practical skills, our comprehensive, health science-centered curriculum also equips students with the tools they need to succeed as they progress to the post-secondary level. Our dual credit opportunities and certifications in CNA, EMT, and Health Information provide our students a springboard into their Pre-Med, Nursing, Paramedics, and Medical Assisting degrees. We strive to produce compassionate medical professionals with relevant, real-world experience who are ready to serve both our local and global communities.

Student Expectations:
Students understand that our school provides a rigorous, fast-paced curriculum that integrates the health sciences across the curriculum. Our students have to meet higher expectations in grading and attendance than the traditional high schools. Students need to maintain a 74% in order to pass a course for the semester and they need to pass competency testing to meet state standards. Students are enrolled in eight classes per semester and earn more credits per year than a traditional high school that have six classes per semester. Our students have the opportunity to enroll and earn concurrent college credit with College of Southern Idaho, Idaho State University, Boise State University, and Northwest Nazarene University this school year. Students will have the opportunity to earn a professional technical certification as a CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant), EMT (Emergency Medical Technician), and Medical Office Technician. Students must complete community service hours, job shadows, and an internship in a health care profession. Students have professional dress days and are expected to act in a professional manner at school. Students are held accountable for their behavior and have a two-step behavior plan. The step one referral is a teaching opportunity to address inappropriate behaviors and will result in a nine week probationary period. A second referral within the nine week probationary period will result in a conference with the
parents, student, teachers and counselor to determine if the student gets a new contract or returns to their home high school. Students are allowed 6 days of absence per semester for any reason, other than truancy. If the students go over the 6 days, then the parents and student will write a letter of appeal to the attendance committee to determine if the absences will be allowed or the student returns to their home high school.

Our Community:
Students come to the Medical Arts Charter from the entire Treasure Valley. We draw
students from the five high schools in the Meridian School District as a first priority for
enrollment. We have students on our waiting list from Nampa, Boise, Kuna, Emmett, and
Middleton. The maximum enrollment for the school is 199 and a lottery is used to draw
names each spring. We currently have 192 students with 76% females, 24% males, and an ethnic distribution made up of 94.7% White, 3.5% Asian, .6% African-American, and 1.2% Hispanic. Our parents are encouraged to be very active with the volunteer program,
committees, surveys, MMACHS Parent Teacher Student Organization and parent-teacher
conferences. We encourage the community to take an active role and visit our school at
anytime. We learned from our surveys at parent-teacher conferences that one way to
improve our school is provide regular parent communications. We have demonstrated
school improvement with increased e-mails from our PTSO, administrator, counselor, and
teachers to parents. We have also developed our own on-site school web site to increase

Community Beliefs:
Maintain partnerships with local health care providers
Establish a safe school environment.
Provide character education with mutual respect, professional conduct, honesty, integrity and responsibility.
Hire highly qualified professional staff.
Focus on health care careers in all classes.
Promote ethics as an essential component of a health science education.
Character education and work ethic are emphasized in all areas of education.

Partnerships are essential to our charter school and our professional technical program.
Partners help to provide increased learning opportunities, innovative ideas, expand our
elective choices and problem solve for innovative ideas. Our charter proposal established a partnership with Joint School District No. 2, J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation, Idaho
State University and St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center. We have expanded this list to
include many health care providers in the Treasure Valley. This group is the core makeup of our advisory committee, whose duty it is to help drive our curriculum, research new
professional pathways and create more opportunities for our students to participate in the
health care field. This advisory group is helping us develop possible certification programs in Speech Pathology, Dental Tech, Phlebotomy, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy Tech, and Dietetics.

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