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Alumni Testimonials


Rachel S.

Class of '15

Doctor of Medicine

One would be hard pressed to find a school that puts more time and effort into the success of its students than MMACHS. The tailored curriculum, brilliant faculty, and unparalleled experiences set students up for the highest degree of personal and professional success. This school served as a springboard that launched me down a path of numerous adventures through EMT training, nursing school, clinical work, and now I find myself starting my 3rd year of medical school. Without the exceptional education and abundant opportunities of MMACHS, I don't know where I would be today. If you're willing to put in the work, you will find that your horizons truly broaden beyond the classroom and your potential is limitless.


Hannah J.

Class of '15

Doctor of Nursing Practice

MMACHS was a great environment to learn, grow, and helped set me on a path of success. MMACHS faculty encouraged critical thinking and provided many opportunities to explore professional occupations. I entered college as a junior credit-wise with a CNA certification, a job, and a full-ride scholarship. I utilized my academic and professional skills that were developed at MMACHS throughout my entire career as a registered nurse and through graduate school. I would not be where I am now without attending MMACHS. 


Nathan O

Class of '11

Medical Malpractice Defense Attorney

MMACHS provided me a fast track through higher education and jumpstarted my professional career. The MMACHS teachers and staff played an invaluable role in my future and brought passion to the classroom


Olivia S.

Class of '20

Current Medical School Candidate

I would not be where I am today without the support and dedication that MMACHS provided for me throughout my high school education. Entering college is intimidating, but MMACHS does a profound job of building your confidence while entering this new atmosphere by providing an abundance of knowledge as well as earned college credit. They attentively built my passion for healthcare which has led to many professional and research opportunities in my college career. High school is something that I look back on fondly and appreciatively, and it's all due to the devoted staff who genuinely invest in your future.


Eric G.

Class of '19

Student - Washington University St. Louis

Not only did MMACHS give me the opportunity to grow and become involved like I never could have at my default high school, but it provided me innumerable lasting connections with both peers and faculty that continue to benefit me to this day. I can say confidently that I talk about how valuable my high school experience was more than any of my friends and coworkers, and it's for good reason.


Mike B.

Class of '18

Current Med School Candidate

After graduating from MMACHS, school has never felt the same for me. The academic rigor that is supported by the genuine, close-knit relationships between the students and staff at MMACHS built such a strong foundation for my educational and lifestyle habits that I was able to charge into college full of confidence, discipline, and professionalism. The skills I gained from MMACHS have helped me succeed in the classroom as well as the workplace and I would be nowhere near where I am today without it.

thumbnail_Addison Biason professional photo.jpeg

Addison B

Class of '16

ISU College of Health Outstanding Student  '21

Thinking back over the years since high school graduation, I can confidently say that MMACHS has prepared me for higher education, a career, and life in general. It certainly helps that I left high school with about 50 college credits, but it’s more than that—MMACHS normalizes and expects excellence, giving students the space and support to excel and do great things. I have carried this high standard of excellence in my endeavors since, and while I’ve done a lot since high school, I’m excited to see what I can and will do next.

Amani Senior Photo.jpg

Amani O

Class of '18

Current DDS student

There is no doubt that MMACHS helped me prepare for my future, not only in healthcare but in all aspects of life. The curriculum does an excellent job of slowly increasing the workload over four years to expose you to college-level courses. As a new college graduate, I can confidently say that MMACHS appropriately prepared me for the rigor of college classes to the point that I hardly saw any difference between my college courses and the courses I took at MMACHS.

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