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Student Spotlight: Lauren Jones

By: Anika McCleve

Imagine a young girl sat at a daycare table, carefully drawing what would be considered a masterpiece for anyone her age. Children slowly begin to pile around her, all squeezing in tightly to get a glimpse of this work of art, complementing the piece and making dozens of requests for what she might draw next.

But who is this girl?

Lauren Jones is a senior at MMACHS with an amazing artistic talent that began with hyper realism. She found that she didn’t enjoy creating art that was restricting and only did the same job as a printer. She began to grow her art style into something she described as a “mixed medium abstract style mixed with scrapbooking”.

Lauren prefers to paint, and do art traditionally opposed to digitally, though she respects the artists who can keep up with the complexity of digital artwork.

She used to receive prizes and awards for her art, but now is reluctant to take commissions or join competitions due to the restriction of it, and not being able to pursue art simply for the joy it brings her. When asked about what inspires her artwork she said Terry Urban, Salvador Dali, and the world around her, as she enjoys putting an abstract twist on the things she sees.

Lauren came to MMACHS to be in a more challenging school, along with wanting the opportunity to better prepare herself for college and university. None of her family members have gone to college, and she’s very glad that MMACHS has educated her in that aspect.

“She’s very driven,” Ms. Funk says. “Very intelligent. She has a great sense of humor and is a joy to be around.”

If Lauren had to work in a profession that isn’t medical, she knows how to code in Java, HTML, and CCS and wouldn’t mind doing something in that area.

Lauren also enjoys graphic design, and isn’t opposed to being an architect, bioengineer or a screenwriter.

In all, she just loves learning and can see herself succeeding and enjoying any career path she would pursue.

Her final piece of advice for others is that even if you make five thousand poor pieces of art, then at least you’ll still end up with five good ones.

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