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Alumni Spotlight: Kelsey Sandmann

Welcome to our new feature where we catch up with MMACHS alumni working jobs both in and out of the healthcare industry all over the country. Every week we will highlight another former Guardian Knight to hear where life has taken them after leaving our hallways.

Kelsey Sandmann, a 2012 graduate, decided to further her education at the College of Idaho where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences. Afterwards, she earned a degree in Medical Laboratory Science from Idaho State University and is now a certified Medical Laboratory Scientist.

Tell us about your post-education professional life.

I'm currently working at Providence Medford Medical Center in Medford, OR. After school I worked at St. Luke's Meridian Medical Center from 2017-2021. My favorite part of my job is being able to help people at their worst without having to actually see them at their worst. Behind the scenes life saving.

A typical day depends on which department I'm primarily working in- hematology, chemistry, or blood bank. Microbiology is a smaller department at many hospital "stat labs". My job involves making sure the analyzers work properly and yield accurate results, microscopic examination of various body fluids as well as automated analysis, and calling "critical values" to the docs and nurses. Blood bank is compatibility testing for transfusions and issuing out compatible units. Hematology is all about the cells- whites, reds, and platelets. Chemistry is about the plasma- electrolytes, glucose, cardiac enzymes, etc. Micro is categorizing bacteria in infections- we only do gram staining and plating while further identification gets sent to a reference laboratory.

What have you been up outside of work?

I make handmade soap and raise an adorable border collie mix named Brodie.

What are you favorite memories during your time at MMACHS?

HOSA was full of great memories. Bonding so tightly with my classmates was amazing. Some are still my best friends. Shoutout to Mr. Kinnaman, Ms. Staub, Ms. Ascuena (Currie), Ms. Hurd... gosh there were so many great educators there. The late, great Mr. Trople (RIP) made a huge impact. I looked at my first blood cells under the microscope in his class which I think laid the foundation for my career.

Thank you to Kelsey! Check back next week to hear from another incredible MMACHS alumni.

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