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Last Minute Yearbooks Available!

By: MMACHS Journalism Staff

MMACHS 22-23 Yearbook Staff

A limited number of 2023 MMACHS yearbooks are still available for $45 at or by check at the front office. Students will receive their new yearbooks for the celebration of the seniors’ last day on Tuesday, May 23.

Senior yearbook editor Ashlynn Heath is excited to unveil the yearbook, which has the theme of Y2K.

“We chose it because we like the aesthetic vibes,” Ashlynn explained. “It’s full of pastelly, bright, fun colors. Our generation likes to take aesthetics from other decades and incorporate them into our own.”

The yearbook team tried to capture moments from the 2022-23 school year that reflect life in the classrooms and hallways of MMACHS.

“There are a lot of action shots. You can see a lot of personality in the people we pictured. We captured a lot of the senior class–individually and as a whole–our personalities,” Ashlynn noted.

Ashlynn said she hopes the yearbook will become a lasting keepsake, while also boosting school spirit.

“You can look back and remember your experiences and live them all over again,” she said.

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