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Student Spotlight: McCall Moore

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

By Lily Criswell and Tracy Truong

McCall riding her horse, Hollywood, in full gear.

“McCall is very quiet, but you can tell she is always very deep in thought about what we’re talking about. When she does choose to speak, she always has really great things to say. I really enjoy having her in class,” said Mr. Gaudet, MMACH’S social studies teacher and HOSA advisor.

Although she’s quiet, would you have imagined McCall Moore as a thrill seeker?

“I love doing crazy things… [eventing] is super thrilling,” McCall exclaimed.

She took on horse riding at 10 years old after watching the Olympics. The proper term is “eventing.” It’s a three-day horse riding competition that consists of dressage, cross-country, and show jumping. These stages are often called “disciplines” and are completed on separate days.

In the dressage discipline, the horse and rider perform a series of predetermined dance-like movements in an arena.

In cross-country, the horse has to overcome obstacles over a long distance in a large field. This discipline is McCall’s personal favorite.

Lastly, in show jumping, the horse and the rider jump through a series of obstacles and fences within a certain time limit.

McCall and Hollywood

However, McCall used to do hunter-jumping. “Hunter jumping is judged based on how you look in your equitation, which is your form – it’s definitely a more strict discipline. It's really similar to show jumping, but it's more proper and based on both the competitor and horse’s form,” explained McCall.

In 2018, she got a horse for eventing named Hollywood.

“We've been growing together. I train him myself and it's been a crazy experience. There were a lot of tears, but we got through it,” said McCall.

Preparing for eventing is difficult and requires a lot of determination as the events are dangerous and time-consuming.

“It definitely takes a lot of practice, time, and effort, but it's super fun – I love it,” said McCall.

Despite all the work that goes into eventing, McCall emphasized that it has taught her important life lessons.

“You have to have that determination. Usually, I'll do school, then I‘ll train for 2 and 1/2 hours, then I'll go home and do my homework for that night. Learning how to manage your time is an important characteristic because it can make you successful now and in the future.”

All the determination and hard work has been well worth it. The two are going to Montana this summer for an eventing show, so wish them good luck!

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